Basic Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery looking new, here are a few ideas which are simple to do and easy to remember

  1. When to take off your jewellery

Some examples of activities that are particularly hard on your jewellery are housework, gardening, home renovations, working on your car, and cooking. Dirt, food or glue can get trapped under the settings of rings and the bands of watches and make them look dull. Chemical solvents can react with some gemstones and corrode watch parts so be wary, and if you’re not sure, remove your jewellery. As well, a hard knock can potentially damage your precious jewels and cause damage beyond repair.

  1. Cleaning Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies

On the Moh’s scale of hardness, diamonds rank 10 out of 10 and sapphires and rubies are a 9. This means they are very resistant to scratches or abrasion, and will not react to chemicals. You can clean these jewels at home with an old, soft toothbrush and liquid dish soap.

  1. Care for opals, pearls and Ammolite

These gems are all very soft, porous and sensitive to chemicals and abrasion. Your jewels need to be the last thing you put on, after makeup and perfume have already been applied. After wearing, wipe your jewels with a soft cloth (damp if something splashed on them). These things should also be the first thing you take off at night.

  1. Silver, Gold and Platinum Jewellery

Your favourite sterling silver jewellery will develop a tarnish over time. Tarnish is the metal reacting with the oxygen in the air or chemicals such as chlorine, alcohol or acetone .

There are two ways to care for your metal jewellery. The first is a jewellery dip, which works in seconds to remove tarnish and bring out the natural shine of the metal. It is important that you leave your jewellery in this dip for LESS than 10 seconds at a time. The second way to care for your metal jewellery is regularly using a special jewellery polishing cloth. Rub out most scratches, remove tarnish and polish your jewellery with a special jewellery polishing cloth. Both these items are available in store.

  1. Watch care

An automatic watch is a beautifully balanced horological feat. To keep the rotor, springs and jewels in good working order we recommend a full service every 5 to 7 years. This service will maintain accurate time keeping, prevent grime build up on the parts and includes checking the gaskets to ensure water resistance. A watch strap can be cleaned with a damp cloth or professionally cleaned here at the shop.

  1. Trust a professional

Your jewellery is precious. Gems such as emeralds, aquamarine and peridot can react to chemicals, heat or scratch from abrasion. Jewellery professionals at Gem by Carati are trained to know which gems are safe to clean using a variety of techniques.

The Ultra-Sonic machine uses a cleaning solution with sonic vibration, to shake dirt and oils loose from even the tiniest of spots. It is highly recommended that you maintain a bi-yearly visit to your trusted jeweller, so your jewellery can be professionally checked and cleaned. Checking and cleaning your jewellery is a free service for our clients at Gem by Carati.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our trained professionals at Gem by Carati.