Chris Ploof

Chris Ploof Designs believe in quality. They are not content with cookie-cutter, stamped out jewellery. They believe in creating unique and special rings that celebrate the importance of the union of two people.
Each ring begins with Chris in the design process, and every single item he designs also passes a review by their skilled artisans. As a team, they make sure that, in addition to being beautiful, the design will stand the test of time.
In the end, your jewellery is handcrafted in their Massachusetts studio requiring no less than fifty steps per item, some pieces taking well over five hundred steps!

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  • Vega Meteorite Ring
    Gibeon Meteorite, Palladium – $2,750

  • Sirius Meteorite Ring
    Gibeon Meteorite, 18k Yellow Gold – $3,250

  • Arturus Meteorite Ring
    Gibeon Meteorite, 14k Rose Gold – $3,750

  • Oak Mokume Ring
    14k Red Gold, 14k pd White gold and Silver – $4,150

  • Beech Mokume Ring
    18k Yellow Gold, Palladium and Silver – $2,850

  • Aspen Mokume Ring
    18k Yellow Gold, 14k Pd White Gold – $4,500

  • Ash Mokume Ring
    Palladium and Silver – $2,350

  • Ox Damascus Ring
    Damascus and 18k Yellow Gold – $1,450

  • Thor Damascus Ring
    Damascus, Oxide – $1,090

  • Double Barrel Damascus Ring
    Damascus and 18k Yellow Gold – $3,250