Jewellery Guide for Men

It’s June, and with the summer weather and sunshine comes graduation and fathers day! So what do you get the dad or grad on your list? We have some great ideas in store for that special man in your life.


Stainless steel jewellery comes in many different styles and colours. Striking combinations of black and white metal with a touch of 14kt yellow gold, creates a bold look perfect for casual attire. Unique dog tag pendants, paired with a man’s torque bracelet will match well with your jeans and t-shirt. Cufflinks by Alor are available in three different colours of stainless steel and their ring collection can be worn as a feature piece.

Gent’s Chains

We have a great selection of men’s silver and gold chains which are designed for long term wear. The strong solid links ensure that your chain can keep up to your daily routine, matching linked bracelets can also be ordered.


A fashion staple for any professional working man; cufflinks come in a variety of styles. For a timeless look consider gold or silver cufflinks which can be engraved with their monogram. For the watch connoisseur we have a selection of entertaining cufflinks by Milus which feature a miniature automatic watch movement, complete with spinning rotor.


Contrary to popular belief, men can have as much fun with different ring styles as women can. Traditional stones are diamonds and sapphires. These can endure daily wear and tear without scuffing or chipping. Custom rings can include any number of different gemstones; growing in popularity are men’s family rings, which feature the birthstones of all family members. Family crests or signet rings can be created using CAD software, which carved minute details into the ring. Our wedding bands include styles by Carlex and Crown Ring; ranging between alternative metals such as cobalt and tungsten, to traditional platinum and gold. We focus on providing rings which are comfortable and durable.

Swiss Watches

Swiss watches are known for their durability, style and unsurpassed mechanical functions. The three well-known brands carried in store are; Tissot, Hamilton and Longines. They are all built with surgical stainless steel casing, scratch resistant sapphire crystals and the automatic movements are built with metal parts and jewels, for long lasting accuracy. There is a different style of watch for every occasion; if you are going to the racetrack you will need a sporty chronograph, for the office try a watch with stylish clean lines, pilots and underwater divers need watches which have specific functions, and for the travelling executive a dual time zone will help keep business running smoothly.

Remember to bring watches in for servicing ever 5-7 years, and jewellery bought in store can be polished, cleaned and checked for free, as needed.

Montegrappa Pens

Hand made in Italy, these pens are a great gift for the man who doesn’t love jewellery but does love beautiful functional objects. They use many tried and true techniques to create their pens like deep drawing, die-casting, fretwork, engraving, etching and hand painted vitrous enamel. All you have to choose is between a ball-point, roller ball or fountain pen.